Leon Rodriguez

Leon brings an interdisciplinary approach to solving client challenges—incorporating compliance, litigation, investigation, policy development, advocacy, and public relations tools. As former federal prosecutor and leader of multiple federal and local agencies, clients look to Leon to give them direct advice on the risks related to investigations, to give them guidance on responding to investigations, to advocate for an optimal resolution, or to aggressively litigate their matters to positive outcomes.

Dawn M. Lurie

Companies look to Dawn to deliver seasoned, strategic counsel as they navigate I-9 and immigration compliance legal risk in an increasingly difficult climate. Dawn’s knowledge and experience are relied upon by some of the world’s largest companies as they contend with a host of compliance-based challenges. She counts herself among a small number of practitioners nationally who have dedicated their practice exclusively to I-9 worksite enforcement and immigration compliance matters. Dawn is known for her ability to keep her clients ahead of impending government enforcement trends, and adds tremendous value to client representations. Her inbox is constantly full of novel queries involving electronic I-9s, the ICE fine matrix, and remote employees or E-Verify structuring and SS no-match letters. Dawn’s resourceful solutions reduce pain points and aim to make her client’s less interesting to government investigators.

Mahsa Aliaskari

Mahsa represents national and international employers in connection with immigration-related employment matters, providing practical and innovative strategies and immigration practices that account for business realities. Mahsa is a dedicated attorney in immigration law with a keen focus on supporting organizations in competitive global environments. With a rich background in leading engagements and immigration portfolios across sectors including manufacturing, life sciences, financial services, and technology, Mahsa guides her clients through the complexities of immigration laws and regulations. Her approach is deeply rooted in partnership, collaborating closely with stakeholders to craft and implement immigration sponsorship programs tailored to each client’s needs. This ensures timely access to the right talent, wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Mia Batista

Mia is experienced in assisting clients with a wide range of employment-based immigration matters, including nonimmigrant and immigrant visa applications. She advises companies and their employees on a variety of issues including immigration consequences of corporate mergers and acquisitions, I-9 employment verification, and employees’ maintenance of status. In addition to her employment-based immigration work, Mia has experience with family-based immigration and participates in a variety of pro bono activities.

Jake Campbell

Jake is passionate about finding creative ways to resolve his clients’ immigration issues. Jake is a seasoned and award-winning immigration attorney with over a decade of experience. He has deep knowledge and experience in navigating the ever-changing immigration landscape, which can be both complex and anxiety-inducing for employees and employers alike. Jake’s strategic counsel is sought after by multinational and national companies, including nonprofit and for-profit employers, which rely on him for cost-effective, compliant, and innovative solutions to their immigration challenges.